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cerec in morris county nj

What is the Cerec® Omnicam?

The Cerec® Omnicam is a digital device that uses CAD/CAM technology to digitally take impressions in the mouth. This is accomplished with a full color HD video camera. Video is used instead of conventional impression materials (goop) and trays that may cause patients to gag.

cerec in morris county nj

Cerec® Improves Patient Comfort

Patients absolutely love the Cerec® Omnicam! This technology removes the need for messy and goopy impressions associated with procedures to make crowns. What does this mean for the patient? Less mess and less stress! Digital impressions are a precise and easy way to produce the utmost in quality care and patient comfort. The Cerec® unit produces more precise impressions than conventional impressions, which means better fitting restorations.

cerec in morris county nj

The Next Step

Our Morris County office now offers ONE-VISIT Cerec crowns. After the impression is taken with the Omnicam, it is sent to the Cerec® MC XL milling unit machine, which then begins to mill, from a block of porcelain material, producing a very natural and aesthetic all-ceramic crown.

cerec in morris county nj

How Long is the Procedure?

This procedure takes about 2 hours to complete; however, you will not be in the chair the duration of the 2 hours. You will have downtime during the procedure so you can relax, watch TV, bring work to do, or watch the milling unit create your crown.

You will leave your visit with a completed and final crown, and will NOT have to wear a temporary or return for multiple visits. Quality and convenience in one step-This is the essence of modern dental technology!

What Else Can This Technology Do?

We now integrate CEREC and Omnicam with our Cone Beam 3-D X-ray to plan implant placement with an accurate picture of the future crown’s shape and location. Custom surgical guides are then fabricated to ensure that the implant is placed exactly where planned, removing any guesswork and uncertainty. In addition to providing a better finished result, this process allows us to avoid impinging on other structures in the area where the implant will be placed.


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