Patient Education

X-Rays & Digital Radiography

In our office, we have been using Digital X-rays since 1998 and this type of radiography remains as the the most advanced X-ray technique available on the market today.

We offer this at the single, bitewing, and panoramic level. This technique reduces the radiation exposure by as much as 80% when compared to conventional films. While we are allexposed to natural radiation within our environment, we do take the necessary precautions to limit the patient's exposure to radiation in the dental chair by using lead apron shields and practicing radiation hygiene, i.e., taking X-rays only when deemed necessary toward making an accurate dental assessment or diagnosis.

Typically, a "full mouth series" of dental X-rays or a Panoramic Digital Film is recommended for new patients and are good for three years. Periodic bite-wing X-rays are generally taken once or twice a year to detect dental problems, and their frequency will be recommended by the Dentist based upon the patient's history, exam findings, symptoms, age, and/or risk for disease.


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